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The name Enana, adopted by the troupe, traces back to an ancient Syrian goddess of beauty, art and love. Enana is extremely proud of its heritage and its work is closely associated with the essence of this belief. Enana Dance Theatre was the first troupe of its kind in Syria. They participated in many local and key international dance panels, cultural festivals and events and try to create a contemporary drama vision that mixes fantasy with reality, but bases its roots in the history of Syrian and Arab folklore.

Since the 1990’s, ENANA Dance Theater has created adistinct theatrical voice, renowned for its dynamic andpowerful dance, sounds capes, music and design.It is inspired by historical stories and the spirit of place. .

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The Objectives of Enana Dance Theater

02 1ENANA Dance Theater has a strategic vision to promote the art of dance in embodying love, freedom and beauty. It also strives to highlight the dynamic features inherent in Arabic culture and civilization. It seeks to show this culture through presenting professional art, using advanced technical elements that integrate both the Eastern and Western spirit. ENANA Dance Theater is committed to presenting historical pieces, because of its belief that ancient Arabic civilizations helped to form and shape the modern age.


ENANA Dance Theater team overview

03 1Specialized staff presiding over Drama, researching historical and cultural meaning.
Choreographers, focusing on creating routines for performances, by blending traditional Arabic dance and folklore with the modern and classical dance.
Lighting, sound, and set technicians, engineers and experts, utilising the latest cutting-edge technical equipment available.
Costume designers portraying the personalities of the characters in a variety of shows, by designing clothes and accessories.
The choice of shapes, colours and textures made by the designers, make an immediate and powerful visual statement to the audience. Creative collaboration among the costume designer, Director and set and lighting designers ensures costumes are seamlessly incorporated into the production as a whole.
Foreign dance experts specializing in classical and modern dance.

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