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Founder & CEO of ENANA Group

Jehad Mufleh is the founder & CEO of ENANA Group of Companies and ENANA Dance Theatre, as well as the famous producer of many grand productions that are well known and loved in the Middle East and beyond such as Falcon of Quraish, Saladdin, House of Wisdom, Julia Dumna  and others.

He is recognized for his pioneering of Dance Theatre and Drama throughout the Arab world and large-scale productions in collaboration with artists from across the world. Due to his productions’ exciting action scenes, interesting and diverse characters, and creative staging, they are known and well received in countries across the Arab world as well as in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, India, China, Canada and the USA, among others.

During the early stages of his successful career, he demonstrated a profound enthusiasm and passion for Dance Theatre. He studied at the Gzhel Dance Academy in Moscow, where he graduated as a choreographer, further developing his already established artistic knowledge and skills. In addition to this, he attended many other reputable international courses specializing in Dance Theatre (Goethe Institute, Beirut, Lebanon), and collaborated with various dance companies and ensembles, including Zanobia and Caracalla.

In 1998, thanks to his ambition and perseverance, Jehad Mufleh established Enana dance troupe. Despite initially facing considerable hurdles, his artistic will power and dedication enabled him to develop one of the first dance troupes in Syria. Since their establishment the group has participated in numerous local and international theatre events, worldwide opening ceremonies and international festivals.

He has been honored with certificates of high Esteem by various different countries and entities, including:
        The Government of People republic of China
        The President of Turkey
        Governor of Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic
        Ministry of Culture, Tunisia
        Sham Village, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
        Supreme Culture Council, Kuwait (Al Kurain 15th Festival)
        Ministry of Culture, Algeria, (Timqad 2007)
        International Fair & Convention Authority, Syrian Arab Republic
        Ministry of Tourism, Oman
        Opera house of Cairo, Egypt
        Ministry of Culture, Iraq (2001)
        Arab Labor Organization (Part of Arab League).
        RAK women lounge, UAE
        Ministry of Culture, Syrian Arab Republic.
        Jarash Festival, Jordan.
        Ministry of Culture award, Yemen.
        Ministry of Culture award, Russia.
        Carthage International Festival, Tunisia.
        Ministry of Culture, Doha Capital of Arab Culture, Qatar.
        David Atkins Enterprises, 2011.
        Certificate of Participation, Arab Games, Doha, Qatar.
        UNCTAD 13th, Doha, Certificate of Appreciation, for the opening ceremony.
        Universal Postal Congress 25th Doha, Certificate of Appreciation, for the opening ceremony.
        Aleppo Capital of Islamic Culture Festival Award. Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic.
        Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Culture, United Arab Emirates.
        Ministry of Culture, India.
        Governor of Aden, Yemen.
        Certificate of Appreciation UNRWA, United Nations.
        Arab American Relations Committee, United States of America.
        Syrian Artists Association.
Despite his unique achievements and great success, he has never forgotten his Palestinian traditions and heritage, which remain deep in his soul and mind, affecting and informing all his works. Jehad’s vision is to expand the range of opportunities offered for young talent and to widen the ENANA group’s presence in the GCC, Middle East and North African region. Thus enabling all participants to achieve their goals.