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House of Wisdom

A dramatic musical and dance performance highlighting the life of the Abbasid Caliph, Abdullah Almaamoun Ibn Caliph Harun al-Rashid, House of Wisdom vividly portrays the great interest in that time in science and scientists, and in exalting science and wisdom above all other training. The obsession for obtaining knowledge takes possession of young Abdullah in his childhood, during the reign of his father Rashid, a time when the country is safe and prosperous. As Abdullah grows up, and mixes with people, and listens to their ideas and opinions, and sees their differing views, he comes to believe that the human mind is a jewel, and that knowledge is his instrument, and that people can not enjoy peace and affluence without science and knowledge. When he becomes caliph, he spends most of his time building and establishing a scientific center called the House of Wisdom, the fame of which influences and impresses other countries of the Arab and Islamic world.

Books are collected from every region of the world, and donated and copied and made accessible to students of science. Scientists, scholars, and philosophers are encouraged and supported generously . The House of Wisdom begins to grant certificates and high degrees, giving scholarships and sending groups of exchange students to other countries to study. The impact of the House of Wisdom spreads far and wide, so a House of Wisdom is established in Egypt. Also, Morocco and Andalusia form their own Houses of Wisdom.