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Director of Enana Ballet Academy


Albina Belova is the Director and Head Teacher of Enana Ballet Academy Qatar and Enana Ballet Dubai.
She is also a choreographer, instructor in modern and classical dancing, and artistic director of Enana Dance Theatre, famous for their unique style that combines theatre and dance in the Middle East and beyond.
Albina, a graduate of the Ballet School of the Opera House in Chelyabinsk and the holder of a master’s degree in choreography from the Academy of Slovenian Culture in Moscow, has been working as dance expert in classical ballet, character dance, and jazz dance at the High Institute of Music, Dance Department, in Damascus, Syria, instructing high institute students as well as children in the ballet school for almost a decade from 1997 to 2006.
At the same time she pursued her passion for dance with Enana Dance Theater training the dancers and performing herself in many of their productions. Julia Dumna, a story of one of the most influential women in Middle Eastern history, is a great example of her mesmerizing performance.

Albina’s dream of sharing the love of dance with others came true as she opened the doors of Enana Ballet Academy, first classical ballet academy in Qatar in February 2014, followed by opening of Enana Ballet Dubai in 2015.